The Cheerleader Scores

Dani, a former cheerleader, got a reminder notice from her high school’s 20th class reunion committee asking if she’d be coming.  The reunion reminded her of Brandon, her favorite football player and secret crush back in the day.  The doorbell rings. Dani suddenly finds herself face to face with a member of the Mustang’s 20th Class reunion committee, Brandon. What luck!   Each one starts fantasizing about what might happen with this chance meeting.  After a passionate kiss, their smoldering desires burst into a white hot fire!  Dani’s long stream of lackluster love is instantly turned on its head.  Afternoon delight takes on a whole new meaning.  Brandon rocks her world, and though momentarily satiated, upon his departure he invites her to dinner the next night.   Dani is left to wonder about what she should cook up for “dessert”.  Would Brandon be staying for breakfast?  Will she accept the RSVP to their 20th class reunion?

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Hot Sex and Well Worth Reading. Well written and with some steamy, hot sex scenes” – JTM Pacer

“We have all had those memories of our high school crush. Sometimes we think back and wonder “what if.” Ava takes on that adventure if rediscovering what might have been with this saucy tale of lust for an old high school classmate. Great story with good sex and tons of passion.” – ITPro33

“If you favor sports related erotic stories, this one is an easy pick for you.” – JM Johnson

Hits all of the right reunion buttons! Doesn’t everyone share the fantasy of running into an old high school flame and doing what you wanted to do when you were to shy or just too inexperienced? In this story, The Cheerleader Definitely Scores!” – D Dickinson



The Tangled Mane Hair Salon

The Tangled Mane is a hair salon like every other hair salon in a strip mall…except for the secret private rooms. Behind closed doors, stylists provide very special services to the town’s well-heeled, with their eclectic needs and the means to pay for them. The male stylists are tall and strong, exuding confidence and… endurance.  The women stylists, wear micro-mini skirts, low-cut blouses and stilettos.  The best stylists of both sexes may not have all the job requirements of a hair salon anywhere else in town.  They do have a very unique set of skills.  Sara Endicott, the niece of one of the city’s wealthiest benefactors came in with her wild mane of blonde hair for “a special”, and none of the services included a haircut.  Frustrated that her regular hairstylist was busy, she demands that Paul, the salon’s very accommodating owner, “make something happen”.   With a quick juggling of his stylist’s lineup, Paul sets up a mind blowing view from the other side of the mirror.

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“Another hot story from Ava C. Grayson. Secret rooms, secret encounters, and much more than new hairstyles. This is the place to get your locks trimmed. Climb up into their special chair.” – D Dickinson



The Cave of Desires

Kennedy was stunning, athletic and well built. She has brilliant red hair that glitters in the sun. She has perfectly proportioned, thrusting breasts, flawless skin and long shapely legs. She found many partners who wanted to fulfil their own fantasy or fetish. Now, Kennedy wanted more than fantastic sex, she wanted to give herself to a man that loved the outside and adored the inside.
Kennedy heard rumors about a mysterious cave on Maui, where you could walk in and all your darkest desires would come true. Arriving at her destination she was introduced to Alika, the Guardian. He had wonderful bulging muscles and taught abs, long wavy black hair and penetrating blue eyes. Kennedy felt he could see deep into her soul. Looking at his full luscious lips and his growing package she wondered …should she still go into the cave? Was she turning her back on her heart’s desire? Would she see Alika ever again? Her darkest desires await deep in the caves. She has traveled thousands of miles to this exotic location filled with sensual people and beautiful landscapes. Read this book for an erotic adventure in a tropical wonderland.

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The Concert Biker, Babes & Heavy Metal

The Concert Biker, Babes & Heavy Metal is an erotic contemporary romance story of one women, her BFF and a biker dude.

Aryanna is starting a whole new life. She is doing all sorts of new things she would never have done before. She going to a heavy metal concert! In the weeks prior, her BFF Gloria, invites her to go shopping at a motorcycle shop. Aryana meets the store’s handsome hunky clerk. She fantasizes about Gage making love to her on her motorcycle.
While in the dressing room of the bike shop fantasizing about Gage, Gloria happens along to help Aryanna find something to wear. Gloria senses her fevered state. The touch of Gloria’s hands and her mouth on her body open Aryanna to a whole new scene full of unusual and wild desire.
At the concert, Aryanna is pushed against the railing by a guy with a hard cock pulsing against her backside. Unable to turn around she waits to see what might happen. She is caught off guard when the stranger’s hands slip under her shirt.
Who is this mystery man? Is there room in her new life for a stranger with a huge cock? Will this throbbing cock satisfy Aryanna?

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“Fast paced, rampant with fantasy in private and the ultimate satisfaction in public, “The Concert: Biker, Babes & Heavy Metal” draws you into the page and then delivers big time.” – D Dickinson

“If you like motorcycle sex and a little lesbian sex before you rock out, this is your book!” – I. M. Horne

“Hot wanna be biker girl gets it on with her BFF and ends up having hot sex with the guy from the bike shop at a crowded concert… What’s not too like… Hot, Hot, Hot.” – Rae



Carnal Lessons (The Ashley Series Book 1)

It was a Friday night and Ashley and her boyfriend, Alex, decided to host their friends with some snacks and… an X-rated movie.

Alex’s body was lean and muscular with dark wavy hair and deep-set, intelligent eyes. His 5 o’clock shadow made him even sexier. Ashley’s wavy auburn hair, green eyes, hot body and wild attitude brought out everyone’s erotic appetites.

The couple met over lunch and began acting out their fantasies when Alex came for dinner and stayed for breakfast. Tonight’s party opens new sexual avenues for Ashley. Arenas she had never even considered, let alone attempted. She thought, “What the hell, let’s just ride the wave and see where we end up.”

Follow Ashley’s exploits. She achieves a whole new level of sexuality. and discovers what it is that gives her satisfaction.

Some f/f action, MMF threesomes and wild salacious activity. This erotic short is for mature individuals over the age of 18.

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Office Discipline (The Ashley Series Book 2)

Jack, Ashley’s boss, told her that her tardiness had increased over the last six months and that if she continued to be late she would be punished. He gave her the choice of having her paycheck docked or she could opt for “something else.” She blamed her tardiness on her boyfriend, Alex. Her weekends were usually dedicated to sex from Friday night to Sunday evening which made getting up on Monday mornings hard. She blamed traffic too. When Ashley chose “something else.” She thought, “What could he do, spank me?”

When Ashley returned from lunch thirty minutes late, she was met by an extremely angry boss and she knew punishment was imminent. Swamped with work she forgot about her little indiscretion. But Jack didn’t.

At closing time, after she had locked the office door, Jack told her to meet him in his private office.

What comes next is every HR manager’s nightmare. Check in to see how Ashley is cured of tardiness and what else Jack has in mind for his misbehaving Office Assistant!

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Office Seduction (The Ashley Series Book 3)

When Jack pulled into his parking spot at work this morning, Ashley, his office assistant was waiting. He’d punished her yesterday for being continually late. He gave her the choice of docking her paycheck or punishment. She made the choice and he took advantage of her decision.
Why was she here, waiting, two hours before the office opened? Was it about yesterday or did she want more?
Jack wanted more. He wanted the challenge of balancing work and an office liaison with a sexy submissive.
A story for those over 18 who would like to think an office liaison included light BDSM, heavy petting lots of straight sex and anal pleasure with a gorgeous young woman.


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Nikki’s Sweet Seduction: A Warrior’s Romance

Nikki had been writing to a service man who was injured while overseas. His work was classified and their letters were as well. She hadn’t heard from him in a while and was certain her pen pal days were over. She hoped he was healed and back at work serving his country.

A horseback riding accident sidelined her from her volunteer work at a military ranch for traumatized children. While sitting on the back patio, healing, Nikki felt she could use some attention from her hunky neighbor, so she invited him over for coffee and conversation and that turns into so much more. All sorts of passions both romantic and something deeper….what was it

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The Chef’s Position

Matt turned away from his billionaire father’s money.  He wanted to work in the restaurant industry and had even gone through culinary school only to fail in the real world.  His mind wasn’t on food and the dishes he was supposed to create but instead on the women in the kitchen. He loved to touch and tease them.

He became the hiring manager of a fast food restaurant. Only women with particular attributes got to fill out the application. Women with big tits, flat stomachs and firm butts and they had to prove they had the appropriate skills for the position.

Matt’s personal hiring menu had its own criteria. He looked for women who acted a little desperate and maybe even a little submissive. He was the dominate man to please and wanted them to clearly know he was the man in charge.

He thought he had all the control until he met Scarlet.

Matt took Scarlet’s desperation for a job as submission.

Big Mistake!  Huge!

The interview was held off-site and there Matt he found he’d met his match.

Would Scarlett join his team at work?  Would they become an item?  Read this steamy story and enjoy all the erotic delights.

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Dallas, A Rogue’s Ardor

Sometime during the year of 1861 a beautiful albeit unhappily married woman fell prey to the charms of a Confederate rogue.

Jewell was stalked and cajoled into an illicit liaison with a Confederate soldier. Dallas spoke of the naughty things he would do to her once they were alone. Consenting to meet him in his hotel room, Jewel made a mistake that became the talk of the town and brought her husband and sheriff to their hotel room door. Two gunshots later they both were dead and Dallas’ spirit chose to remain in the hotel room for all eternity.

As time passed, Dallas’ ghost took advantage of the various occupants of that room. The women were always grateful, some returning time and time again. They never fully understood what was happening but they enjoyed their stay immensely.

In 1998 a hotel maid, Allie, became his newest conquest. Lonely and horny, Allie enjoyed the feelings and arousal this ethereal being gave her. She became jealous of the women occupying the room and realized that she was falling in love with a ghost.

Read on to discover if Allie ever finds true love and if she discovers who the ghost really is.

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Katie's Passion Katie’s Passion

Katie was always her parents favorite. She willingly worked the ranch and came when they needed her. She wanted to stay on the ranch after high school but they had insisted she go on to college and live on her own for a few years. With her degree in hand, she took a job and fell for the boss.
A sudden turn of events turned her life upside down. The love affair with her boss ended abruptly when his wife showed up and staked her claim.
Then a phone call from her hometown local sheriff to say her parents were killed by a drunk driver that morning. When would she be coming home?
The four-hour drive from her apartment to her hometown gave her plenty of time to think about the Sheriff, and their history. What were her siblings up to? Where was her parent’s will? Would she ever find love again?

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